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UV Tanning

Expect the Best!

Spray Tanning

We offer 5 UV bed levels to fit your need, time and budget.  Tan in a traditional 20 minute bed or a bronzing bed with facial bulbs.  Need to get rid of tan lines? Try our 9 minute stand up booth! 


Spray Tanning

Expect the Best!

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a safe alternative to UV tanning, and allows you to obtain color in 24 hours. We offer the PURA Sunless spray tanning unit. It is an automated and private booth that is easy to use, and provides results lasting 3 to 10 days.


Expect the Best!

Expect the Best!

Expect the Best!

Customers can expect a clean and inviting environment when they visit our salon.  We take pride in serving Rochester, and surrounding communities, with our tanning expertise. In addition to tanning, we offer the best in tanning products, moisturizers, and eye protection.

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No appointment is needed. We are a walk-in salon.

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